Pizzeria website for local bussiness

The goal of this project was to redesign the existing website, which will help attract more customers. We started by analyzing competitors, finding the persona, and then started with prototyping and UI. Our client noticed that amount of orders doubled when we launch the website

What have we done

Custom WordPress development

Front-End development

WordPress design

portfolio item
portfolio item

Features of site adaptation for devices

For the pizzeria website, we're focused on the mobile version. Were need to create a flow where users can easily order pizza from mobile devices. The website turned out to be very user-friendly, with all possible hints so that even on a small screen, it would not get confused and place the order successfully

Spended an hour

We made a simple and multifunctional interface. It was necessary to emphasize the exclusivity of the service. As usual, here are some awesome stats to show how much time we spent

  • UI/UX
  • WordPress front-end
  • WooCommerce back-end